Thursday, 5 May 2016

I have a problem with the cover I did for 'Red Alert' last year. It sucks! I really hate it-- I was aiming for a sort of Lo-fi cutesiness, deliberate amatuerishness kind of vibe. I guess that worked only too well-- it looks like the kind of cover a child would design. I wanted to produce something that would be dramatic and mysterious, and I was re-reading an early issue of Savage She Hulk when I saw this page:

It's from the start of issue three where Jen is having a nightmare about her first transformation into the She-Hulk, and there's this wonderful montage image of the three thugs from the hospital falling into Shulky's claw-like hands. It looks awesome! And I immediately thought it would make a cool cover for Red Alert too. 

I've also been trying to make Red Alert look like something that's been sitting in a longbox since 1982. here's what I've been wasting my time doing  playing with recently:

And, because it's what you're all really here for, here are some of those money shots looking like they've been festering in a garage somewhere for 30 years:


  1. I actually liked the cliched, gimmicky feel of the original. I think you still should have kept it!

  2. To be fair, the original looks like an actual title card from an animated series episode that never was. Love the new interpretation though.