Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Swamp Huuuuulks!

A recent commission.

Friday, 17 June 2016

A New Character I'm working on, plus some other things...

Thursday, 5 May 2016

I have a problem with the cover I did for 'Red Alert' last year. It sucks! I really hate it-- I was aiming for a sort of Lo-fi cutesiness, deliberate amatuerishness kind of vibe. I guess that worked only too well-- it looks like the kind of cover a child would design. I wanted to produce something that would be dramatic and mysterious, and I was re-reading an early issue of Savage She Hulk when I saw this page:

It's from the start of issue three where Jen is having a nightmare about her first transformation into the She-Hulk, and there's this wonderful montage image of the three thugs from the hospital falling into Shulky's claw-like hands. It looks awesome! And I immediately thought it would make a cool cover for Red Alert too. 

I've also been trying to make Red Alert look like something that's been sitting in a longbox since 1982. here's what I've been wasting my time doing  playing with recently:

And, because it's what you're all really here for, here are some of those money shots looking like they've been festering in a garage somewhere for 30 years:

Update 05/05/2016: Keeping Drinking the Kool-Aid

 I'm making a comic that is in the style of the 1982 Hulk cartoon and a more innocent era of comics in general. Note the dialogue where the characters state the immediately obvious! Later on, I shall attempt some kind of rational explaination for why Banner's clothes reappear after he changes back from the Hulk. This is a fan- produced and entirely not for profit comic. All characters are the copyright of Marvel Comics.