Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron 70's Style

Following on from my 60's version of the first Avengers movie poster, we're heading into the 70's for it's sequel. I was inspired by the artist Tula Lotay and her awesome covers for the Dark Horse series 'Rebels' to layer watercolour painting into my work. I'm certainly no master of the art, but I think it creates a moody and atmospheric effect. Witness then the Avengers in all their 70's glory! Particularly Tony Stark's Ron Burgundy hairdo and tash and Hawkeye's...ahem... daring little number.

I agonised a bit over whether to make Nick Fury the Ultimate Nick Fury as represented in the movies (and as brought so definitively to life by Mr Samuel L. Jackson). For the sake of accuracy I opted to make him the Marvel 616 version of the 70's. I might do another version with the Sam Jackson version in suitable 70's style-- what do you think?

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