Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Monstrous TF For Halloween

Happy Halloween Manicites!


  1. Wow that's good! I love both versions of Being Human and wish they had more money to show Nina/Nora TFs. This fills the gap nicely!

  2. An Outstanding TF Manic!
    This is how Nora should have TFed in the ep. (I can dream cant I?!) The scenes leading up to the TF really adds to the climatic end as Nora goes through her first change. I like how she's trying to get away from everyone before the She-Wolf within her emerges.

    The transformation is simply remarkable, as small and petite Nora becomes a giant, raging She-Wolf! You covered all the bases too, as woman becomes ferocious monster! A perfect 10/10 sequence, even though I dont care for WWs on all 4 legs. (I prefer 2) Still a darn good job man!

    Great stuff, thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Hey what happened to the r rated stuff how come you had to get rid of it all